KP-FSHFA seizes 3000 dead chickens

Peshawar – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority (KP FSHFA) during a raid near Charsadda Road area of Peshawar seized over 3000 dead chickens from a shop.

During the raid, the Food Safety Authority officials caught the culprit red-handed slaughtering the dead chickens, and further processing it for public consumption. During the operation a vehicle being used for the supply of the dead chickens was also seized.

According to the Food Safety Authority, the shop was supplying dead chicken to various food outlets in the city, which would be identified from them and would be further investigated. The statement added, during last few weeks the Food Safety Authority has focused on the poultry sector in the province, and in a recent raid has recovered over 4500 dead chickens from various shops. The Food Safety Authority also discarded the dead chickens and lodged an FIR against those responsible for the act.

The Food Safety Authority officials have inspected a number of food related businesses in other parts of the province. Besides inspections, the Authority also arranged awareness sessions for sensitizing the general public about the food hygiene and best food practices. While training sessions were arranged for food handlers in various districts.

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