Past in Perspective

“The Earth does not belong to us:
we belong to the Earth.”
–Chief Seattle

The Greenpeace International organisation, one of the world’s largest and best-known environmental groups, focuses on dramatic protests and marine environmental issues. Initially, it was just a small anti-war group that formed in 1971 in Vancourver, Canada. Now, it has five ships, 2.8 million supporters, 27 national and regional offices and a presence in more than 41 nations. Amongst its remarkable accomplishments are the thousands of protests that they organise; members have infiltrated nuclear test sits, shielded whales from harpoons, protected fur seals and prevented ocean dumping. They employ confrontational yet non-violent methods to persuade a change of heart. This dedication towards being non-violent is the reason why there have been multiple groups within the Greenpeace that have broken away for a more drastic approach.

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