Tourist Force on guard in Murree

RAWALPINDI – The newly launched Murree Tourist Force was performing its duties to help and facilitate the tourists with utmost dedication and commitment at the onset of peak tourism season at the scenic hill station.

On the special instructions of IG Punjab, Rawalpindi Police had started Murree Tourism Police for the convenience and protection of tourists, the Police spokesperson told on Sunday.

City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi Omar Saeed Malik said that the Murree Tourism Police initially had 150 police officers and personnel, a special tourist van, three specially prepared vehicles, 25 motorcycles, and a horse riding squad.

He said that specially prepared vehicles and motorcycles have been provided to Murree Tourism Police while special tourism vans have also been prepared for Murree Tourism Police tourists.

He further said that Murree Tourism Police would play a significant role in promoting tourism activities by providing assistance, protection and facilities to tourists as it was a trained force.  After the success of the pilot project in Murree, the scope of Punjab Tourism Police will also be expanded to tourist places in other districts of Punjab like Fort Monroe, Nankana, Katas Raj, Kalar Kahar etc. “In case of emergency or in case of assistance, call Murree Tourism Police Helpline 1757”, he said.


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