120 Chinese buses delivered for Karachi transport so far

ISLAMABAD    –   The first batch of 120 Suzhou Higer buses has been delivered to Pakistan, which will improve the transport system in the port city Karachi.

This will improve transport system in Karachi. As one of “Made in China” representatives, the buses will guarantee Pakistan’s daily transportation, providing the locals with comfortable and perfect public transportation experience, CEN reported on Monday.

“We have officially entered the Pakistani market in 2008. Last year, we sold a total of 115 passenger coaches and city buses locally,” Zhang Bangguo, South Asian Market Overseas Account Manager of Higer buses told CEN.

He said that at the beginning of this year, we have launched in-depth cooperation with the governments of Sindh province and Islamabad by customizing 250 and 30 buses respectively.

With the delivery of the first batch of Higer buses, 130 buses will be further delivered to Sindh soon, he said.

On the first day of the delivering, the Minister of Transport & Mass Transit Sindh and the Minister of Labour & Human Resources Sindh arrived at the scene for test ride of the Higer buses and delivered a speech.

The first batch of Higer buses will provide services to six major cities in Sindh, Pakistan, including Karachi. The powertrain of the buses, with a gasoline-electric hybrid design, can ensure normal operation and promote sustainable development of urban transportation.

“The development of new energy buses is of great significance to Pakistan, which can not only reduce the local dependence on oil, but also achieve the long-term goal of green and low-carbon development,” Zhang added.

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