PTI long-march: Govt decides to seal Islamabad’s Red Zone

Rawalpindi – As PTI Chief and former premier Imran Khan had announced a long march towards Islamabad on  May 25, the district governments and other law enforcement agencies have decided to seal ‘Red Zone’  by placing containers and other barricades to stop PTI supporters from entering  sensitive area, informed sources on Monday.

“The process of sealing the Red Zone to   begin tonight, however, Margalla Road will remain open,” they said , adding that a total of 350 containers to be placed at different places of federal capital to stop marchers. Similarly, the federal government has also drawn up a plan to deal with PTI leadership and marchers by requesting the provinces to dispatch 12000 extra police force to station in capital city to maintain law and order, they said.

The sources also disclosed that the capital police to launch a massive search operation in all the hotels, motels and rest houses in Islamabad in order to arrest the PTI leaders and workers who arrived from other parts of country to participate in long march. “Similarly, the lists of PTI leadership have also been prepared by the government and shared with the Islamabad police to arrest them. However, the final decision to be taken as per policy of the government,” they said.

Special pickets to be placed at all the entry and exit limits of Islamabad, sources said,  adding that patrolling have also been enhanced in federal capital to keep a vigil on suspected elements. In Rawalpindi, the district government has issued directions to police and law enforcement agencies to impound the containers to seal the roads to block long march of PTI, sources mentioned.

All the entry points of Rawalpindi including Jhelum and Soan Bridge to be closed by placing heavy containers by the district government and police, they said. They added that Rawalpindi police may carry out raids on the residences and offices of PTI leaders and prominent workers to arrest them in next 24 hours. In order to block the PTI march, Attock Bridge would also be blocked by the government by placing containers, sources mentioned. A senior police official revealed to the Nation that district government has moved scores of containers near Jhelum bridge that would be placed soon to block traffic movement.

It may be noted that PTI Chief and former prime minister   Imran Khan had announced ‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’, asking workers, leaders across the country as well as the members of civil society to reach Srinagar Highway on May 25 to topple the coalition government   . Imran Khan also demanded dissolution of National Assembly and for the announcement of date for fresh elections in the country.

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