Quetta needs playgrounds

Sports play an important role in society. Societies, where people enjoy sports, are healthier. Sports are a career for many people.

There was a time when we had a number of playgrounds to play different games but unfortunately, all grounds are now occupied. In addition to this, we tried to adjust ourselves to different stadiums by thinking that these are the only places which will not be occupied by any particular group of people. Unfortunately, the stadiums are occupied and there is almost no room for us to play and practice, especially if we talk about Qayyum Papa Football Stadium, Gulistan Town Quetta.

Last year the Minister of Sports announced that he will develop a national level turf ground for football players but sadly the ground is unavailable for us and they make people believe that the ground is in a process of renovation.

Since people have made private turf grounds, and they are doing a good business on sports, public grounds are closed in the name of development and private futsal grounds are increasing day by day. Youth is getting addicted to drugs. I am concerned about what will happen to our new generation? At last, I want to request that the concerned authorities must take action otherwise, it will affect our future generations.



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