Maryam urges Supreme Court to keep off political fight

LAHORE   –   The PML-N’s vice president Maryam Nawaz Sharif Friday said that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan wanted to accomplish his agenda of spreading anarchy [in the country] by using the shoulders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

“The Supreme Court will have to remain vigilant and keep off the political fight. Otherwise, the impression of partiality will be strengthened which is harmful for the judiciary as an institution”, she said in her tweet.

She said that until a few days back “Fitna Khan” [Imran Khan] was hurling abuses at the Supreme Court, but now he was using the same court for fulfillment of his agenda of spreading anarchy.

The PML-N Vice President took to the Twitter to vent her anger and wrote, “Fitna Khan has nothing left except embarrassment and confession of failure.”

“Contrary to the claim of bringing 3 million to Islamabad, the former PM couldn’t even bring 20,000 people in the federal capital due to which his mental condition becomes unstable,” she wrote.

Maryam Nawaz further wrote that the people have recognized and rejected it, adding that the revolution makes its own way, it does not stop the police from stopping.

It may be recalled here that Maryam Nawaz in her press conference on Wednesday last had alleged that Imran Khan was doing all that encouraged by the Supreme Court decision allowing him to come to Islamabad without any hindrance.

She had also maintained that the situation in Islamabad got out of hand [on May 25 following a favourable verdict by the Supreme Court. “The situation was well under control until the Supreme Court’s permission to continue with the march which eventually exposed their fitna (evil)”, she had said while talking to reporters outside residence of the martyred policeman Kamal Ahmed on Wednesday last.

She had also demanded of the Supreme Court to review its decision pleading that the protesters had resorted to violence in line with directions of the PTI leader. She had also remarked that the PTI had used SC’s decision to burn the capital to ashes. She had alleged the PTI chairman knew about the court decision to gather F-9 Park, but he continued to march towards the D-Chowk and also asked his supporters to gather there.

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