CPNE elects new office bearers, standing committee members

| Council elects Daily Times’ Kazim Khan as President, Daily The Nation’s Editor Salman Masood as Vice President (Islamabad)



KARACHI   –   The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) held its annual elections for year 2022-23 here, on Saturday. According to the election results, Daily Times Lahore’s Group Editor, Kazim Khan and Daily The Nation Editor, Salman Masood were elected President and Vice President (Islamabad) respectively.

Other elected office bearers include Daily Express Lahore’s Group Editor, Ayaz Khan as Senior Vice President, monthly Kiran group Karachi’s Chief Editor,  Aamir Mehmood as Secretary General, Daily  Pakistan Today Lahore’s Editor, Yousaf Nizami as Deputy Secretary General, Daily The Nation Editor, Salman Masood as Vice President for Rawalpindi/Islamabad, News 92 Lahore’s Chief Editor,  M Haider Amin as Vice President for Punjab, Daily Awami Awaaz Karachi’s Chief Editor , Dr Jabbar Khattak as Vice President for Sindh, Daily Ittehad Peshawar’s Chief Editor, Tahir Farooq  as Vice President for KP, Daily the Balochistan Express Quetta’s Chief Editor , Arif Baloch as Vice President for Balochistan, Daily Jahan Pakistan Lahore’s Group Editor, Zia Tanoli as Joint Secretary for Punjab, Daily the Lead Pakistan Islamabad’s Chief Editor, Yahya Khan Sadozai as Joint Secretary for Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Daily Naayi Baat Karachi’s Editor , Maqsood Yousafi as Joint Secretary Sindh, Daily Intikhaab Quetta’s Chief Editor, Anwar Sajidi as Joint Secretary for Balochistan, Daily Azaadi Swat’s Chief Editor Mumtaz Ahmed Sadiq as Joint Secretary for KP, Daily Paak Karachi’s Editor, Ghulam Nabi Chandiou as Finance Secretary , and Daily Suraat-e-Haal Faisalabad’s Chief  Editor Zubair Mehmood as Information Secretary. The office bearers of CPNE were elected in the meeting of newly elected Standing Committee.

Earlier, a general meeting was held here in the CPNE’s Secretariat which was attended by the editors of newspapers/journals from all over the country. The general meeting of CPNE elected 44 new members of the Standing Committee. These members include Daily The Nation’s Editor Salman Masood,  Daily Times’  Group Editor Ayaz Khan,  Monthly Kiran/Khawateen Digest’s Chief Editor  Aamir Mehmood,  Daily Express Lahore’s Group Editor Ayaz Khan, Daily Pakistan Today Lahore’s  Editor Yousaf Nizami, News 92 Lahore’s Chief Editor M Haider Amin,  Daily Awaami Awaaz Karachi’s Chief Editor Dr Jabbar Khattak, Daily Ittehad Peshawar’s Chief Editor Tahir Farooq, Daily Balochistan Express Quetta’s Chief Editor Arif Baloch, Daily Jahan Pakistan Lahore’s Group Editor Zia Tanoli, Chief editor daily Lead Pakistan Islamabad Yahya Khan Sadozai, daily Nai Baat Karachi Chief Editor Maqsood Yousafzai, daily Intikhab Quetta Chief Editor Anwar Sajadi, daily Azaadi Swat Chief Editor Mumtaz Ahmed Sadiq, daily Pak Karachi chief editor Ghulam Nabi Chandio, daily Soorat-e-Haal Faisalabad chief editor Zubair Mahmood, daily Appeal chief editor Sher Muhammad Kharo, daily Aman Karachi chief editor Hamid Hussain Abdi, daily Indus Post Karachi chief editor Abur Rehman Mangrio, daily Jurrat Karachi chief editor Muhammad Tahir, daily Jahan Numan Lahore chief editor Waqas Tariq Farooq, daily Tajarat Lahore chief editor Jameel Athar Qazi, daily Hotline Lahore chief editor Zilfiqar Ahmed Rahat, daily Taaqat Lahore chief editor Muhammad Awais Raazi, Sabah News Agency Islamabad chief editor Shakeel Turabi, daily The Nation Editor Salman Masood, daily Maidan Peshawar editor Sajjad Haider, daily Mehran Hyderabad chief editor Faqeer Manthar Mangrio, daily Nijaat Sukkur editor Bashir Ahmed Memon, daily Ghareeb chief editor Tanvir Shaukat, daily Wafa Bahawalpur chief editor Akmal Chouhan, daily Multan Nama Multan chief editor Bashir Ahmed Khan, Online News Agency Karachi editor Abdul Khaliq Ali, daily Islam Islamabad chief editor Khalil ur Rehman, daily Leader Lahore chief editor Ali Ahmed Dhilon, daily Azkaar Islamabad editor Tazeen Akhtar, daily Times Peshawar chief editor Fazal Haq, daily Ummat Karachi chief editor Ali Hamza Afghan, monthly Dosheeza Karachi chief editor Munazza Saham, daily Ibrat Hyderabad chief editor Qazi Asad Abid, monthly Farozan Karachi chief editor Mahmood Alam Khalid, monthly Hospitality Plus Lahore chief Ahmed Shafiq, monthly Defence Journal Karachi chief editor Akran Sehgal, monthly Naya Rukh islamabd chief editor Sardar Khan Niazi and daily Sindh Affairs editor Bilqees Jahan were elected unopposed. In the annual meeting CPNE also passed a resolution to counter aggression against media workers.

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