President urges freelancers to enhance IT skills

ISLAMABAD   –   President Dr Arif Alvi has said that the global information and technology business embodied huge opportunities for country’s freelancers and stressed upon enhancement of their skill sets to capture the huge global market. He expressed satisfaction over IT growth in Pakistan, and said that 3 million IT freelancers in the country were grabbing the third global position.

In a virtual address at the ‘Freelance Fest’, the president said that the new opportunities in the IT sector were more rewarding than the brick-and-mortar business setups.

The president stressed that there should be a gradual increase in the number of IT freelancers each year by 100 percent as the global market was craving for the skilled people in this field. He said Pakistan could progress in this sector and strengthen its revenues by luring foreign investment through freelancing in the IT sector.

He said the IT returns were immediate and underlined the need to mobilise the human resources. The president said the freelancing business also possessed huge opportunities for the womenfolk.

The president said during the ‘California Gold Rush’, people used to head towards California, US to try their luck. He likened the existing opportunities in the IT sector to that of the ‘gold rush’.

“It is like a gold rush for which they will have to improve skill sets of the people,” he said, adding that the latest gadgets and tools like Smartphone should be utilised and stressed upon making access of such facilities to freelancers easy.

Lauding efforts of the ministry of information and technology, he said the government had not imposed any tax on such businesses so that the freelancers could bring the foreign investment and enhance their businesses and the national economy.

He also appreciated role of Pakistan Software Board and suggested that it could bring further innovative mechanisms to help people increase their freelancing outreach.

President Alvi said that though there were elements of uncertainty for the freelancing business, but it possessed the reliability to generate income. He said there were about 450 million freelancers across the world.

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