Saad demands action against PTI chief for flouting court’s orders

ISLAMABAD    –   Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique Saturday appealed the judiciary to take action on contempt of court against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan and others for provoking party workers to damage the property and environment of the federal capital. In a tweet responding to the press conference of PTI chief, he said Imran Khan & company had taken undue favor of the permission granted for public gathering of the Supreme Court and erupted fire in Islamabad (Blue Area) which caused damage to the government properties and all its footage was available. Terming the press conference of Imran Khan a combination of lies, jealousy and accusations, he said the government had stopped the `bloody long march’ of PTI chief. Saad Rafique alleged PTI chief for mimicking the west in his failed policies and also for benefitting his rich associates and party members by extending government resources without any restriction. “There will be no dialogue amid confrontation and enmity whereas the candidature of Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to be finalized keeping in view the character and impartiality of the officer who will be the hallmark of honesty,” he added.  He said the government will not accept the bulling of foreign sponsored mafia Imran Khan, adding that PTI chief was the greatest civil fascist in the history of the country. “We know why you are (Imran Khan) sitting in Peshawar, what are you doing and now on whose shoulders are you planning to attack the federal capital,” he added.

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