Manpower to be increased in ANF to discourage menace of drugs: Bugti

MULTAN – Federal Minister for Narcotics Control Shah Zain Bugti on Sunday said that 10,000 persons would be recruited in Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) to improve performance of the department by discouraging scourge of drugs.

While talking to media persons here at ANF station, he informed that there were only 50 staffers in ANF in 11 districts of South Punjab.  He however appreciated the performance of the department as ANF Multan was looking after the courts, police stations, airports, roads and others matters to discourage menace of drugs. “Despite the shortage of manpower, the performance of ANF is very good,” he said.

The minister added “we would put a proposal before the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for recruitment of 10,000 staff further and hoped that he would get permission soon. Unfortunately, the scourge of drugs is spreading in educational institutions, said minister adding that the department would organize awareness sessions with collaboration of Punjab government.  He remarked “we need to protect our young generation from the menace of drugs.” Responding to a question, he observed that the department had not enough manpower if compared to other agencies. Currently, a total of 3600 staffers were working in the department, he informed and said the performance would be further improved with the new recruitment.

Says 10,000 persons to be recruited in Anti Narcotics Force to improve performance of department

Dastarkhwan opens at railway station for passengers, porters

The Railways administration in collaboration with Khawaja Jalaluddin Rumi foundation has opened Dastarkhwan here at railway station for the passengers and porters (coolie).

Renowned industrialist and social leader Khawaja Jalaluddin Rumi and Deputy DS Railway Saima Bashir formally inaugurated Mehr Fatima Dastarkhwan at railway station platform here on Sunday. Khawaja Jalaluddin Rumi said that Mehr Fatima Dastarkhwan will benefit more than 200 passengers and porters with free of cost meal within the limits of railway station on daily basis. The circle of Dastarkhwans will be extended to more areas of the city.  Rumi said that Mehr Fatima Dastarkhwan was also being started soon at Saho Chowk (Masood Rumi Square) after getting place from district administration where more than 500 people will be able to eat free food every day.


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