PTI ‘dissident’ MNAs’ ‘somersault’ in the making

ISLAMABAD – With the expiration of the deadline to verify the submitted resignations of PTI members, an important development in the political arena is expected very soon.

Speaker National Assembly Raja Perviaz Ashraf is seemingly not in a hurry to make a final decision over this controversial matter, as some of the dissidents have surprisingly started returning to the parliament.

The entry of senior PTI parliamentarian Mir Khan Mohammad Jamali, elected from Balochistan on a PTI ticket, to the national assembly house on any important day [Presentation of finance bill 2022-23] was much encouraging for the treasury benches.

Jamali, who reportedly claims to have not resigned on the collective resignations [123 PTI MNAs], on the last day of the verification of PTI MNAs resignations marked his presence in the house and was seen shaking hands with the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other senior parliamentarians. Over a dozen or more PTI members from the PTI may also increase the number of PTI dissidents during the budget session, background discussions with the members of the former ruling party revealed.

The Speaker National Assembly, a couple of days before, had clearly informed that all the submitted resignations have thoroughly been examined and showed his intentions not to accept all the resignations in one go. It was also made clear to stop the salaries of these MNAs preferring their affiliation with the PTI.

The MNAs from PTI, senior members desiring not to be named, claimed that many of them are willing to play their part as an opposition in the parliament.

The Speaker National Assembly, a couple days ago, was seen in a bit trouble to dodge the point of order of an MNA related to the acceptance of resignation submitted by the former minister for foreign affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The MNA from treasury benches had posed a question from the chair about the final decision over the verification process of PTI’s resignations.

With the rejoining of the PTI MNAs in the parliament, a new political debate may also soon start in the Parliament about their support to the government for passing the federal budget 2022-23. The rumours also rife that some of the main PTI MNAs resignations could be accepted in this current budget session.

Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, over two weeks ago, had invited all PTI members who tendered resignations from their assembly seats for verification of resignation.

The 133 PTI members who tendered resignations were invited individually for verification of their resignations in the National Assembly Secretariat on June 6. The process of the verification continued till June 10 but not even a single PTI MNA appeared before the Speaker for the verification of resignations.

The National Assembly Secretariat had also sent letters to all PTI members who had tendered resignation on April 11.

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