PFA sets up free milk testing camps in city

LAHORE – Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Director General Shoaib Khan Jadoon on Wednesday inaugurated the free milk testing camps in the provincial metropolis here.

He said that the purpose of establishment of camps was providing a facility of free milk testing at the doorsteps of citizens. He said that free checking of milk would satisfy citizens that the milk being used by them is pure.

He urged the people to pay a visit to the PFA offices in their districts or the camps in Lahore with 200ml raw milk to get it tested free of cost. He said that the facility was available in 36 districts of Punjab.

Jadoon said that the PFA had set up camps at six different points of the city including Liberty Roundabout, Charing Cross, Dehli Gate, Wapda Town, DHA Y Block and Moon Market Iqbal Town. He said that the PFA had been using milk mobile testing labs, fully equipped with a lactoscan milk analyser machine to get quick results of milk samples. The teams are screening hundreds of milk carrier vehicles, loaded with thousands of litres of milk at the entry and exit points of the major cities besides checking milk shops in each city of Punjab. He added that the ill-practice of milk adulteration had gradually been decreased due to a series of actions against the mafia on a daily basis. Following the directions of the Punjab chief minister, action was continuing across the province to control milk adulteration and to make Punjab an adulteration-free province, he said.

Jadoon said that the PFA would take legal action against the supplier, milkman and milk shop owner in case of received sample results not up to the mark.


He said that the consumption of tainted milk causes fatal diseases in children and elderly people.

So far, the dairy safety teams of the PFA have disposed of thousands of litres of milk over proven contamination of harmful chemicals, powder, urea and water in it. He said that adulterated ingredients were usually used for increasing the thickness and quantity of milk. The PFA’s slogan of providing healthy food ‘From Farm to Fork’ is not merely a slogan but top priority of the authority under the mission of the Punjab government “Safe Food, Healthy Punjab”, he added.



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