Real-life marketing

One day, when we were having a class of marketing, our teacher asked, “what is marketing?” Everybody tried to give an answer in their own way, but among us, one girl gave a very good answer. She said, “Sir marketing is to hit the insecurities of people and tell them that your insecurities can vanish with our products.”

At that time, I realized that really! that’s very true, we use products to remove our insecurities. Sometimes insecurity of being dark-skinned, sometimes insecurity of having curly hair, insecurity of being chubby, insecurity of being short heightened, insecurity of being skinny and so on. We are always told to live with our insecurities but are we let to live life peacefully with our insecurities? We are always hit hard. we are always taunted, we are always told, we are always criticized for having any flaws, for having any imperfection. Though everyone knows that nobody is perfect, despite that we are deliberately told that you have this blemish. We feel so embarrassed that we lose our hard-earned confidence. but at the very same moment, I wondered why we should not give those people a shut-up call.

Let’s bring positivity to society, let’s bring the joy of being imperfect, and let’s bring the lost smiles on the faces that we have hit and have brought worries. Let’s make this world worth living with these small positive steps and let’s make everybody make a bit happier.



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