Govt, Opp target each other in NA over oil prices

Govt says it prefers to save country over its politics

ISLAMABAD   –  The treasury benches in Thursday’s budget debate of the National Assembly claimed that the coalition government preferred to save the country over their politics for opting to take the reins in tough economic circumstances.

The lawmakers from the government side blamed the previous government for creating a tough economic situation in the country by their bad governance and wrong policies.

Whereas, the members from the opposition said that the incumbent government has failed to fulfil its claims as it could not be able to put the country on a right path.

Taking part in the debate, Jamaat Islami MNA Maulana Akbar Chitrali came down hard on the government over the recent increase in the petroleum products. “Soon after coming into power, this government has forgotten the pain of the masses,” he said, adding that the government should fix some funds for graves and shrouds. PTI MNA Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali, taking part in the budget debate, criticized the government for raising prices of the petroleum products to the unprecedented level. He said the government should focus on reducing prices of essential items to provide relief to the poor.

He rejected media reports of his resignation from the National Assembly. “I will continue to remain part of the parliament as well as he is still with PTI and its Chairman Imran Khan,” he said.

MNA Nawabzada Iftikhar said that they had criticized the previous government when it entered into an agreement with IMF. “There were two ways for the coalition government either to save the country or save its own politics,” he said, “the coalition government has opted for a tough path to save the country.

A treasury benches MNA Syed Hussain Tariq lauded the government for presenting a balanced budget in the current economic situation. “Inflation is increasing day by day. The government is taking tough decisions in tough circumstances,” he said.

PML-N senior parliamentarian Ayaz Sadiq opposed the idea of the opposition to waive off loans for small farmers. However, he said this government would try to resolve the difficulties of small farmers.  Another PML-N MNA Rao Ajmal stressed the need for accepting the reality of the agriculture sector in the country.

MNA Amir Ali Khan Magsi suggested that all the political forces should make a combined long-term economic policy to bring prosperity in the country. MNA Afzal Dhandala strongly rejected the recent increase in prices of petroleum products. “The government should find some solid measures to provide relief to masses,” he said.  PPP-P’s Shahida Rehmani blamed the PTI’s government for reducing the prices of petroleum products to save the government.

A member from treasury benches Ehsan ul Haq Bajwa appreciated the government for presenting people-friendly budget despite the current economic crisis.

“Imran-led government was taking last breath before the no-confidence motion,” he said adding that the previous government had taken record loans in the country’s history.

PPP’s senior parliamentarian Khursheed Shah for the second consecutive day asked the chair to adjourn the house due to lack of required quorum in the house.

MNA from Balochistan Aslam Bhootani appreciated the government for presenting a balanced budget in a tough economic situation.

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