‘China keen to invest in various sectors of Pakistan’

KHANEWAL – China is keen to make Pakistan one of the developed countries by investing in various sectors of the country.  These views were expressed by Dong Mengzone, Head of Chinese Experts delegation, along with his delegation, while addressing the customers and franchisors at Haier Shop, City Electronics Khanewal, a major commercial city of South Punjab here on Saturday. Tan Weiwing,  Zhang Zhonglin,Han Xiaofing, Tang Yonghong,  Dong Zufeng, Regional sales Manager Haier Multan region, Amir Raza, Haji Muhammad Naseem Franchise Haier Khanewal, Branch Manager Multan Muhammad Umair, Haji Hamad Muhammad Naseem and Muhammad Abdullah Multzam were also present on this occasion.   After the briefing Q&A session was held , Chinese delegation of Haier company obtained information about the performance results of Haier Technology, Haier products and its after sales services. Dong Mengzone, Head of Chinese Experts delegation also gave answers to the queries raised by the customers.    He said that China-Pakistan trade & friendship relations span is more than half of the century and are getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time.  China is committed to make Pakistan stronger and more stable.



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