Masses have rejected Imran’s narrative: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that the masses have completely rejected the PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s narrative and he (Imran) now stands exposed to the nation after his double-faced statements on several national issues.

While responding to Imran Khan’s call for protest said in a series of tweets on Sunday she said, “Imran Sahib! the people recognise your false and hypocritical face. The fugitive of May 25 now wants to spread chaos over his given inflation after the burial of his foreign conspiracy narrative,” she said.

She said that nobody will be allowed to create disruption in the country.

The minister asked as to why the people should take to the streets on the call of the one who sold the national interest for a few diamonds? “Why should the people come out of their houses on the call of a hypocrite and thief?” she said.

“Why should the people come out on the call of the one who denied wage to the labourer and bread to the public. Why should the people respond to the call of those responsible for inflation, economic catastrophe and unemployment?” she added.

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The people won’t come out to streets on call of those who increased flour price from Rs35 to Rs90 and increased sugar price from Rs52 to Rs120 per kg.

“Why should the people go out with those calling for a bloody march? Why should the people go out with those who fired shots at police? Why should the people go out with those who want to divide the country into three parts?” she loathed.

“Why should the people go out with those who left the country under historic high debts? Why do the people go out with the sellers of Kashmir? Why should the people go out with those who divided the country?” she abhorred.

“The government is correcting the economic direction of the country. No bloody and riotous protests will be allowed,” she declared.

The minister said that the incumbent government is focused on putting the national economy on right path.


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