Overseas Pakistanis and the right to vote

Sitting thousands of miles away from their homeland, overseas Pakistanis are extremely worried about the welfare of their dear and near back home, particularly after the violent public unrest in Sri Lanka.

Since the new government took over a month back unfortunately the country flight seems to have gone into a nose dive on both economic and political fronts. This seemingly was inevitable with 11 pilots in the cockpit trying to frantically press different control buttons, hoping against hope, that some external mega force will eventually lift them up avoiding the imminent crash. All this is happening with pilots having decades of flying experience, however, most of the senior-most pilots are under investigation for gross violations like money laundering.

Nevertheless, the biggest concern is about reversing the right of overseas Pakistanis to vote. The new government has exclusive access to parliament to do whatever they deem appropriate, however, if they are adamant to deny the voting right to overseas Pakistanis then it should be all-inclusive. It should also include all those elite who have property overseas.



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