NHMP to launch demerit point system

KHANEWAL    –    Under the direction of Inspector General of National Highway and Motorway Khalid Mahmood,, NHMP will launch a demerit point system.  The system will rely on a national driving license repository (NLDR) of over 8 million driving licenses. Demerit points for various violations are defined in the National Highways Safety Ordinance 2000 (Section 86). Driving licenses shall be suspended, as per the law, when demerit points exceed twenty within two years. NHMP officers can now retrieve prior violations and challans through the violator’s CNIC, telephone number, and license number.  This initiative is a part of the ‘#NoMore’ campaign, whereby a zero-tolerance enforcement regime has been introduced with the help of technological innovations like well-equipped spotters, next-generation speed cameras, drones, body-worn cameras and intelligent management systems for public service vehicles (PSVs).  The demerit point system brings NHMP’s enforcement mechanisms to the best international standards and will reduce the number of violations on our national highways and motorways.

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