Indirect inflation

Due to the recent political movements in Pakistan, the democratic scenario has turned into a new direction with regime change in this region. This regime change has effectively affected the prestige of different institutes of the motherland. One of the most damaged institutions is the local markets of several cities. Because due to a deficit of fuel and negligence in new contracts by the new coalition, there is a load shedding throughout the country’s most busy markets.

Such a decrease in electrical development and increase in load shedding of electricity throughout the country put a wave of no-confidence on so-called managing strategies as a result the business community has started mode of electric generators to overcome the issue of load shedding during this seasonal time of business. But in this way, they are resulting in noise as well as air pollution in the markets. One of the main issues is its impact on goods rates in the market as all the marketers are including the fuel prices in the goods rates to overcome their extra expenses.

It is a time for the government to pay heed to the situation and ensure control on load shedding as well as day by day increasing inflation by strictly activating and monitoring the respective authorities of these institutions. It will also favour the currently ruling parties in the upcoming election as such issues need special consideration to be completely eradicated by profiting the public of Pakistan.



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