Sandeman Hospital administration repairs angiography machine after one year

QUETTA – Provincial Sandeman Hospital Quetta Administration has repaired the defective angiography machine after one year of its malfunc-tioning to facilitate the masses.

According to official source, the hospital administration has made functional the machine of over Rs 30 million to ensure provision of missing facilities and to cater the need of the patients.  Earlier, poor patients had to be referred to private hospitals to spend hun-dred thousands rupees on angiography and the facility would be provided at Civil Hospital to the patients having heart disease.

Civil Societies have appreciated the initiative to provide angiography facili-ty and said it was great news for the people of the province.

They urged  the government to take more steps to provide better healthcare fa-cilities and improve conditions in the hospitals to restore confidence of the public in the healthcare system. Loralai, the divisional headquarter has a teaching hospital but evidently there were lack of facilities in the hospital which was unable to cater to the influx of patients in the area.

Talking to APP, an official of Balochistan government said the government had all set to revamp the health sector on modern lines and provide latest equip-ment to the hospitals aimed to provide best healthcare facilities to the mass-es.

The various steps were being taken to ensure presence of concerned medical of-ficials and paramedics in the hospitals of all far-flung areas of the prov-ince, he noted. He said the provincial government was committed to provide missing facilities to the hospitals across the province to ensure improved healthcare facilities.  The government had started the cleanliness drive and renovation of the govern-ment hospitals in the province, the official said.

The government has also established dialysis centres in various districts and the vacancies have been created for the required staff.

The availability of medicines in public hospitals was being ensured.


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