Cricketer Abid Ali urges parents to vaccinate their kids against polio

LAHORE – Pakistani test and One Day Internationals opener Abid Ali has emphasized parents to continue vaccinating children until the virus is completely eradicated from Pakistan. The call by the prolific batsman came the other day at the launch of the pre-campaign polio Sub-National Immunization Days (SNIDs) preparations held at Mian Mir Hospital. The Coordinator of the Emergency Operations Centre of Punjab Ms Syedah Ramallah Ali and health administration of Lahore was also present. The national cricketer called on parents to cooperate with polio eradication teams going door-to-door in order ‘to protect children against the crippling disease’.
“Oral polio drops in every campaign and routine immunization is the only way to protect children from polio virus. Owing to the recent outbreak in Pakistan, parents need to vaccinate their kids on time and in every campaign”, urged the national cricketer. Abid Ali pledged to join polio eradication efforts and hoped that no child suffers from the crippling disease.
“I pray that no child ever suffers from lifelong paralysis due to polio. I commit to provide my support in all upcoming vaccination campaigns until the country is polio-free”, vowed Abid Ali. Speaking on the occasion the EOC coordinator Ms Syedah Ramallah Ali disclosed that sub-national campaign will focus on vaccination of children the high-risk districts.
“Polio virus thrives amongst the most vulnerable communities and marginalized groups. The sub-national campaign will help boost immunity of children which belong to high-risk and mobile population and reside in under-served areas. Punjab Emergency Operations Centre has set up transit points to engage with mobile and migratory populations arriving from and departing to all parts of the country”, observed the EOC coordinator. The Punjab polio programme head hailed the spirit of the cricketer for a national cause and added that involvement of national heroes is a source of inspiration for polio workers. “Our national heroes are our assets. Their word is followed closely by people from all walks of life. Their participation in a noble cause means a lot in ensuring a healthy future for our children.
Punjab plans to inoculate 4.5 million children in the upcoming vaccination drive starting from June 27. The campaign will be held in six districts of Punjab including Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, DG Khan, Mianwali and Layyah. In Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad the campaign will take place for seven days, with two days dedicated to reaching ‘not available’ children. While in DG Khan, Layyah and Mianwali the campaign will be held in selected union councils and continue for five days.
In light of the fact that Pakistan suffered new polio cases, the provincial government has further prioritized polio eradication efforts.
Punjab has been free of polio cases since October 2020 while environmental samples have tested negative for Wild Polio Virus since May 2021. Nevertheless, this success will remain fragile unless and until polio is completely eradicated from both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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