30 more PTI MNAs will rejoin NA, claims Opp Leader Raja Riaz

ISLAMABAD – Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Raja Riaz Ahmed on Saturday claimed that over 30 more PTI MNAs would soon rejoin the National Assembly.

“Over 30 MNAs from PTI are ready to actively participate in the parliamentary proceedings,” Opposition Leader Raja Riaz Ahmed exclusively shared this with The Nation.

All these MPs, intending to rejoin the parliament as active members, are elected members of the parliament from different provinces.

“Members on Special Seats/ Female MNAs are not included in the list of these MNAs, as all are elected MNAs on the ticket of PTI,” said Raja Riaz Ahmed and confidently remarked that the number of PTI’s dissidents would increase with the passage of time.

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The names of these MNAs are on the official webpage/list of the National Assembly of Pakistan but their status has yet to be cleared by the Speaker National Assembly. In 131 PTI MNAs, around 28 dissidents have stood against the party Chairman Imran Khan policy to distance from the parliament as they with the status of PTI’s dissidents have been participating in the parliamentary proceedings. Two members including Noor Alam and Raja Riaz Ahmed have been performing as Leader of Opposition and Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The political parties in the coalition government are seemingly not on a same page to decide the fate of PTI’s MPs, which have tendered their resignations around three months ago. Perhaps, the government has knowledge about the rejoining of some of the PTI lawmakers.

To a question about the PTI’s members, the opposition leader said that these MPs have been drawing salaries from the parliament. “Is this policy of Imran Khan to sail on two boats? “he posed a question from PTI’s chief Imran Khan, mentioning that the PTI members should declare the final decision.


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