Past in Perspective

The travel and tourism industry, it’s just
a huge part of our economy.
–Karen Hughes

The world has seen its share of impressive statues. One such statue stands in all its glory in the picturesque city of Rio De Janiero. The massive art deco style statue is of a teel green color and it depicts Jesus Christ stretching out his arms wide. It is often interpreted as Jesus welcoming travelers and natives to the beautiful city of Rio. Located in Southeastern Brazil on Mount Corcovado, it is now the largest sculpture in the world and it was entire funded by the Brazilian Catholic community. It is difficult to believe that the initial designs and propositions for the layout for the statue were rejected. Along with other attractions, the glorious statue has now become one of the main attractions for tourists. In peak tourist season, the city is filled with visitors who want to visit Christ the redeemer and take a selfie.

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