Balochi language

Language makes a nation alive. To make a nation alive, we must promote its language. If language is promoted, the nation develops. We all should know that language is the recognition of every nation and Balochistan’s language is Balochi, hence, it is our recognition which is now being compressed and lost because we are getting modernized and prioritizing other languages like Urdu and English.

The Balochi language is the language of the Baloch people. Everyone toils to develop his language. Unfortunately, our Balochi language is getting lost with time. According to the experts and reports, in the future, most languages of the world will be lost and there is also a hypothetical guess that after 5000 years only one language will exist in the world.

A large number of languages have died and die each year just because they are not being prioritised by their nations and the nations are giving no value to their own languages as compared to other languages of the world.

As we all know to make a language alive we must save it by writing various books in our languages, we mostly speak in our languages on national and even international platforms, and we also need to create quality audio and videos in our own languages for our upcoming generations.

We also need to make our language easy to learn. Unfortunately, our Balochi is not being taught even in most parts of Balochistan only a small quantity of people learn and teach Balochi as the rest is in love with other languages like English and Urdu.

We should work on our language for saving it. We should teach a new generation about our language and we also have to have a command over our language, the Balochi, in order to make it everlasting. Let us save our beloved language, the Balochi language, by promoting it in various ways.



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