Imran dividing Pakistani society: Kh Asif

ISLAMABAD – Minister for Defence Khwaja Muhammad Asif in Monday’s National Assembly sitting blamed PTI’s Chief Imran Khan for creating divide in and outside the country.

Because of creating divide in the society, a member from Canadian parliament maligned institutions of Pakistan and leaders, said the minister, on a point order over the statement of a Canadian parliamentarian against Pakistan and its institutions.

The minister urged the Canadian government to take notice of the irresponsible statement of a Canadian Parliamentarian Tom Kmiec. “We have a decades old reverence relations with Canada. The government of Canada ought to look into this matter. I believe this is the voice of a single Parliamentarian and not the view of their whole Parliament,” said the minister, mentioning that Canadian Parliamentarian Tom Kmiec targeted Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and talked about the internal situation in Pakistan.

About former prime minister Imran Khan, he said that lobbies at the behest of Imran Khan were active in Canada, USA, UK and other countries. “He (Imran Khan) has no respect for the country,” he remarked.  “It never happened in the past history of the country, as his (Imran Khan) members are bashing on streets of London, Montreal, UAE and other countries. Even the premises of Masjid-eNabvi (SAW) not spared,” he remarked.

The minister further said a member of the Canadian Parliament during a scheduled visit of Pakistan’s Army Chief has made this criticism. The Canadian parliamentarian Tom Kmiec not only talked against Pakistan in reference to human rights but also spoke on other matters.

He said, “The Canadian parliamentarian felt pain of human rights in Pakistan but it and western countries could not see what is happening with Muslims in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine, inside India and Muslim population of Rohingya.”

About the statement of the Canadian parliamentarian, he said these remarks of a Canadian lawmaker provoked him to say that Canada itself leading among G-7 countries when it comes to attacks on Muslims due to this phobia.

n Minister for defence tells NA now Imran’s supporters bashing Pak institutions in foreign countries, even
they didn’t spare Masjid-e-Nabvi

n Urges Canadian
govt to take notice of MP Tom Kmiec’s remarks against Pak institutions

Asif recalled that Pakistan was made a tool of Soviet Union’s war in Afghanistan and the same happened when Pakistan fought the US war after 9/11. “It was the war of those countries of the western world where Islamophobia is prevailing…The conscience of nobody in Canada or any other western country was awakened when it comes to violation of human rights of Muslims elsewhere in the world,” he remarked.

He said, “Imran Khan left no legacy except from hatred which he spread in the society.”

“We had political differences with the different parties but our personal relations were never affected in the past. Only this person (Imran Khan) created a division and hatred in the society,” he said.

Other member from treasury benches Shazia Mari strongly condemned the Canadian Parliamentarian for speaking against Pakistan’s parliamentary and democratic system and military institution.

Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Raja Riaz Ahmed, for the second time, asked the chair to take a decision over the resignations of PTI members. “PTI’s member Shah Mehmood Qureshi has announced tendering the resignations on the floor of the house. The chair should take a decision on it,” said the opposition leader.

The members of allied parties of the treasury benches, on a point of order, criticized the government for mistreatment and injustice with them. Both Aslam Bhotani and Khalid Magsi criticized the incumbent government for mistreatment with them.

MNA Khalid Magsi from Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) said there has been a change in attitude of the government once the coalition government came into being with their support.

Another member from Balochistan Muhammad Aslam Bhotani registered protest for not getting allocations for his constituency in Lasbela in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

The house witnessed a thin presence of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. Unlike the proceedings of previous budgets, the members were seen disinterested in the legislation over budget. The chair has to ask the members sitting in the house to actively participate in the budget proceedings.

The house also conducted discussion on the charged expenditure included in Demands for Grants and Appropriations for the next financial year.

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