Pak foreign policy on right track, showing results: Khar

Minister informs NA govt waging ‘diplomatic jehad’ for Kashmir, Yaseen Malik | Pakistan in no isolation internationally while India today is not a secular state

| Govt all set to get federal budget passed by NA today

ISLAMABAD   –   Minister of State for Foreign Af­fairs Hina Rabbani Khar has said that the present govern­ment was waging ‘Dip­lomatic Jehad’ on issues of Kashmir and Yaseen Malik at internation­al forums and that our foreign policy is on the right track.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar, respond­ing to demands for grant moved by opposi­tion MNAs, the present government was wag­ing ‘Diplomatic Jehad’ on issues of Kashmir is­sue and Yaseen Malik at international forums.

The minister said this in the National Assem­bly yesterday while re­sponding to demands for grant moved by op­position MNAs.

A lawmaker from a rel­gio-political party mem­ber Akbar Chitrali raised his concern for waging Jehad for the solution of Kashmir issue.

“The Diplomatic Je­had may be more effec­tive than Jehad which you (Akbar Chitrali) may be mentioning,” said the minister.

Regarding the case of detained Kashmi­ri leader Yaseen Malik, the minister said Paki­stan was raising voice and working on it with effective diplo­macy at different forums. She said, “In­dia today is not a secular state, it has become a rogue state and it has be­come a nation which is not going on the principles.” Khar said that Pakistan was in no isolation as its foreign policy is moved in the right direction with all diplomatic missions working compli­catedly on all fronts.

She said Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari himself made telephon­ic calls to the Secretary General of Unit­ed Nation and to the Secretary General OIC. Now the OIC was raising voices for Muslims without any fear and the forum brings things to the table.

With respect to BRICS, she said there was absolutely no denying of the fact that China was the most effective stra­tegic partner of Pakistan. “China is part of BRICS which means Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, where all the member countries have to work to cooperate each other”, she added.

The minister said foreign policy of a country was useful if it served the inter­ests of the people of that country.

She said that in BRICS “we do not have a role but we still have core roles in many other international forums such as heart of Asia”.

About the case of Afia Siddiqui, the minister of state for foreign affairs said as far as fighting her case was con­cerned, Pakistan was doing it at ev­ery level and that the country was consistent in its policy across the gov­ernments to fight in favour of the case. But obviously, she said, every country had its own laws, rules and regulations besides its sovereign right.

The coalition government is all set to pass the federal budget 2022-23 today [Wednesday] with majority of votes, af­ter completing legislation on demands for grants of different ministries and di­visions. Rejecting a dozen cut motions put forward by the PTI’s dissidents, the government successfully in Tuesday’s sitting approved demand for the grants related to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting over Rs 10.83 billion.

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