Residents refuse giving anti-polio jab to children

Khyber – Residents of several localities including Ghundi, Soor Kamar, Bakarabad, Warmando Mela, Toda Mela etc, Tuesday refused to administer anti-polio vaccine to their children until the administration pay them compensation for their land  acquired for Jaba dam.

They announced their boycott after a grant Jirga of elders was held of Saar Khel, the sub-tribes of Katia Khel demanded compensation of Jaba dam and their private property seized by the government in Shahkas in addition with lifting of section 4,   and provision of tube well and water pipe.

Speaking to the media, Irfan Khan Katia Khel said that the compensation cheques of the land in Shahkas have been issued but the administration deliberately using delaying tactics to pay them which annoyed the local people and they unanimously sent back the polio teams. When the District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Zafar was contacted on the matter he said that the residents often placed their conditions for vaccinating their children against the crippling diseases.

He said that it is ironic that these parents refuse vaccinations on the risk of their children’s health with their irrelevant and pity demands which are   impossible for the health department to meet, he added.  He maintained that efforts are being made to persuade the locals to administer polio to their   children.

He said if the boycott is not given up, approximately 239 children will be deprived of the vaccination against polio.

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