Fesco launches public safety awareness campaign

FAISALABAD – The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco) health safety environment (HSE) directorate

has launched a public safety awareness campaign and issued instructions in view of the current monsoon. In this connection, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fesco Engr Bashir Ahmed on Thursday appealed to the public to follow these guidelines to avoid any possible electric shocks during the rainy season.

The consumers are advised to regularly inspect internal electricity wiring of the houses by a licensed electrician and immediately replace broken/ defective electrical switches, plugs, holders and broken cables from their homes, shops or factories. Private electricians and cable operators are not authorized to operate electricity distribution systems/utility pools. Motorcycles, bicycles and animals should not be tied with or near any electric poles/ structures / towers and stay wires to protect them from electric shock.

He said children should not play near electricity poles and lines under normal conditions, especially during rain and keep all metal objects out of reach of children so that they do not insert them into electrical sockets.

Do not attempt to touch or remove anything connected with electricity lines, even call the Fesco line staff to resolve this issue. He said to keep three meters (10 feet) away from falling trees on power poles and metal structures during rains.

In case of any electricity related complaints and to avoid any possible mishap consumers can contact at their sub-division numbers mentioned on the bill, toll free helpline 118, 080066554 or Headquarters Complaint Center numbers 0419220290 and 0419220618.


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