Inflation storms

The strategy of Imran Khan to storm the capital was thwarted by PM Shehbaz Sharif. Unfortunately, PM Shehbaz, himself has brought a catastrophe to the nation that has been full of many touches of melancholy and appears very difficult for the residents to deal with it. The recent increase in fuel price has disheartened the inhabitants of Pakistan to keep their motorcycles and vehicles at home or eschew using them, for they seem defenceless in these dire circumstances where petrol is per 209 litres and diesel is per 204 litres.

As a result, this encouraged the multitudes to stand for Imran Khan and depart against the government. However, the former Prime Minister has played a part in collapsing the economy.

The populace should not fellow Imran who is a man without a plane; the community has to be conscious that the parliament is struggling to make Pakistan a mature country and what steps today’s leader has taken are more constructive for the public in the forthcoming days. That’s why I request the citizens to cooperate with the coalition rather than participate in long marches which are full of political chaos and violence.



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