Anti-Imran Khan banners found hanging on rally route

Rawalpindi-Unknown men decorated Murree Road, Srinagar Highway and Islamabad Expressway with banners against former premier and PTI chief Imran Khan on Saturday before his public rally was scheduled to be held at Parade Ground.
The presence of banners sparked unrest among PTI leadership. Ex-federal minister on Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed shared a video on social media condemning the act of putting up banners against PTI chief.
Later, PTI city chapter removed all the banners from the roads and set them ablaze or shifted to their public secretariats.
The banners, found hanging at several busiest roads of twin cities, had slogans: “PTI involved in corruption exposed,” “Imran Khan is a hypocrite talking about sovereignty by increasing its debt by 80 per cent,” “Commission agent Farah Gogi, where did Imran Khan go with the people’s money? Answer me,” and “In five years, Imran Khan’s assets have increased by two hundred and fifty per cent.
My gift is my will.”
Likewise, several other banners had been put up in which allegations against Imran Khan, his close aides Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Syed Zulfi Bukhari and Farah Khan alias Gogi, the alleged front lady of former First Lady Bushra Bibi, had been written.
It may be recalled that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, in a statement, had said that Parade Ground rally would be the biggest one and he would lead a rally from Rawalpindi to the gathering venue.
In a statement, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed also claimed that he along with his party members had caught three men in midnight while hanging banners against Imran Khan and had also handed over them to Police Station Sadiqabad. However, police denied arrest of three persons.

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