Country faces hours-long power outages as shortfall reaches 7787MW

With power shortfall surging to 7,787 megawatts, people are dealing with hours-long load shedding across the country.

According to sources, the total demand for electricity in the country is 29,000MW and the total power generation in the country is 21,213MW while 5,430MW electricity is being generated from water, 1,705MW from government thermal plants, and 10,241MW from private sector power plants.

Wind power plants are generating 1,629MW of electricity while solar power plants are generating 113MW of electricity.

The bagasse-based power plants are generating 120MW of electricity while the nuclear fuel-based power plants are generating 2,275 MW of electricity.

Meanwhile, the unannounced electricity load shedding in urban areas is up to 14 hours while 18 hours-long load-shedding is being carried out in rural parts of the country due to power shortfall.

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