Snap ballot likely in Greece ahead of tough winter

ATHENS – Each time Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis faces the media these days, there is one question he cannot escape.

When will he call an early election?

The conservative premier has been in power since July 2019 and still has 12 months left of his four-year term. But soaring energy prices, a three-decade high in inflation, the war in Ukraine and rising tension with Turkey are setting up a daunting scene for the end of the year.

Public desperation over the rising cost of fuel and food led the government in recent weeks to roll out fuel and electricity support for poorer households. But even this money has now run out.

“The winter is going to be difficult,” noted Nikos Konstandaras, a veteran columnist for Greek liberal daily Kathimerini.

Natassa Tsoumbou, a 56-year-old gardener, said she has had major trouble keeping up with the mounting cost of living.

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