Sports society president Faisal Fayyaz honored 

LAHORE – The National Youth Empowerment Award 2022 has been awarded to Faisal Fayyaz, Founder and President of Sports Promotion Society International and Pakistan Sports Promoters, for promoting Physical Education, Science and Technology, Gymnastics and Sports Sciences in Pakistan. He was appreciated at many international forums for his services to the youth at the grassroots level. Faisal Fayyaz, who himself is an international sportsman, gymnast, coach and sports administrator, as well as researcher in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Educational Technologies and Computer Sciences, and Ambassador of several international bodies, is an editorial member of the Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Education and Technology and successfully presented his research on May 10 at the Regeneron ISEF in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, representing Pakistan at the C101 Auditorium, World Congress Center where he was appreciated by the international audience, directors, teachers, school and college. He is also the patron and mentor of a project called ‘Virtual Human Health and Safety Integration System’.

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