Balochistan govt allocates Rs16.8 billion grant for local councils

QUETTA – The Balochistan government has allocated a grant of Rs 16.8 billion for local councils, including Rs 10 billion as a development fund in the budget 2022-23 to strengthen the local government system.

In order to strengthen the local government system, the provincial government has working for the formation of the local body to formalize effective implementation and transformation of the real power at grassroots level.

Balochistan had completed the first phase of the local government (LG) polls to elect over 6,000 general councilors.

Talking to media an official of Balochistan government said a strong and empowered local government system would contribute to work on ground level. He assured government’s full support for providing the basic framework which was pre-requisite for the success of local governments.

In all Union Councils, 33 percent seats have been allocated for women, 5 percent for farmers and workers, 5 percent seats for non-Muslims in the Local Government system.

He said a strong and empowered local government would contribute to expand the space of development projects across the province.

He said the local bodies’ government would be provided a basic framework which was a prerequisite for its success.

Former District Chairman of Loralai, Shams Hamzazai sharing his experience said that the local government was facing financial issues throughout the tenure. In new reforms policy, the local government should be allocated fixed share of development funds for each and every district, he added.

He proposed that the incumbent government should establish a powerful local bodies’ setup to mitigate the long-standing grievances of general public. He asked for giving self-sufficient administrative and financial powers to the local government to provide a sigh of relief to people.

The constitution required the provincial government to decentralize the government administration under Article 140-A so as to facilitate expeditious disposal of its business to meet the convenience and requirements of the public.

Balochistan collected Rs190m from mineral sector during 2021-22

The Balochistan government collected Rs190 million from minerals sector during the financial year 2021-22. The government has collected the huge amount from mining sector and deposited in the national treasury, an official of the Balochistan government said.

He said the government had issued around 96 licenses to the companies interested in mining and exploration of natural resources in the province to boost the mining business in the province and provide jobs opportunities for local people.

The government has also taken strict action against the illegal mining and canceled 198 licenses of the exploration companies working in the province. Computerized weighing scales had been installed besides increasing mining check posts in the province and upgrading royalty system in line with the modern technology, he added.

The official said that the Department of Mines and Minerals would launch a project of digitization of royalty system to bring transparency in revenue collection management. He said that the step would bring improvement in the mining sector.


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