No end to inflation

After the success of the no-confidence motion forwarded by the opposition on April 03, 2022, Mr Shahbaz Sharif of PML-N assumed charge as the PM of Pakistan. The motion of no confidence was presented on grounds of rising inflation and the faltering economy. The new PM very quickly announced some steps and announced a relief package worth Rs 28 billion promising an even bigger amount to be set aside in the coming budget to provide relief to the poor.

However, 68 days have gone by, and the genie of inflations seems out of control. The government is folding under the pressure of IMF and finding it very hard to manage the downward spiral of the economy. Recent massive increases in fuel and electricity prices have pushed people to the limit. To make things worse, load-shedding is at its peak during excruciating heat. The ministers for power and finance seem struggling to explain the steep increases in prices despite their tall claims while they were in opposition. Our leaders fail to understand that all are responsible for the ills of this country.

The blame game will not take them anywhere. They must sit together and develop a broad strategy that must continue even if the government changes. Unless we develop and implement a plan that continues, we will keep going in circles with no end to the misery of people.



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