Shelling kills ‘many’ in Ukraine’s Sloviansk: Mayor

KYIV – Shelling from multiple rocket launchers killed “many” people on Sunday in Ukraine’s eastern city of Sloviansk, which has come under attack from advancing Russian troops, its mayor said.
“Shelling from multiple rocket launchers on Sloviansk, the heaviest for a long time. There are 15 fires. Many dead and wounded,” Vadim Lyakh said in a video published on Facebook. Tetyana Ignachenko, a spokeswoman for the Donetsk region to which Sloviansk belongs, told Ukrainian media that the strikes left “six dead and 15 wounded”. She also reiterated a call on residents to leave the region, as the frontline is just a few kilometres (miles) away. Ukrainian media said one of the city’s markets was on fire following the strikes.

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