9882 proclaimed offenders arrested during current year

MUZAFFARGARH – Police have arrested 9882 proclaimed offenders and 885 court absconders during the ongoing crackdown against criminals across the district in last six months. As per directives of the District Police Officer (DPO) Tariq Wilayat, the crackdown against criminals was continued across the district. The police teams apprehended 9882 proclaimed offenders wanted to police in different cases of dacoity, robbery, theft and other crimes. The police have also arrested 885 court absconders during the crackdown in last six months. DPO Tariq Wilayat said in a statement on Monday that crackdown against criminal would continue without any discrimination. During action against drug peddlers, the police have seized 311.6 kg Hashish, 112.3 kg Hemp, 9.11 kg Heroin and 24,886 litre liquor from the possession of 1187 arrested drug peddlers while 520 illegal weapon holders also been held with 263 pistols, 45 rifles, 43 carbine, one Kalashnikov and rounds, police sources added. Meanwhile, the police have recovered stolen valuables of worth over Rs88.6m.



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