Frigate PNS Taimur commissioned at China

ISLAMABAD   –   Pakistan Navy Ship Taimur has been commissioned at Hudong Zhonghua (HZ) Shipyard, China. Head of Paki­stan Navy Mission at China, Commo­dore Rashid Mehmood Sheikh graced the occasion as chief guest.

PNS Taimur is the second ship of four Type 054 A/P frigates con­structed for Pakistan Navy. The first 054 A/P frigate PNS Tughril has joined PN Fleet in January 2022, while another two frigates of same class are presently under construc­tion at China.

PNS Taimur is a technologically ad­vanced and highly capable sea asset having hi-tech weapons & sensors, latest combat management and elec­tronic warfare system to fight un­der multi-threat environment. These ships will provide sustainable boost to the combat capability of Pakistan Navy and enable to meet emerging challenges in the domain of maritime security and regional peace.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest underlined that induction of state-of-the-art Type 054 A/P frig­ates will significantly enhance Paki­stan Navy capabilities in strengthen­ing defence of sea frontiers. He also praised the concerted efforts made by China State Shipbuilding Corpora­tion (CSSC), China Shipbuilding Trad­ing Company (CSTC), China Ship De­velopment & Design Centre (CSDDC), HZ Shipyard and PLA (Navy) for the landmark achievement by timely de­livery of the well-equipped and po­tent frigate.

Chinese Military Product Dept’s deputy director general, in his ad­dress, highlighted that Pakistan and China are cognisant of changing geo­political environment and taking ef­fective measures to deal with the added responsibilities and evolving challenges together. He underscored that friendship between the two countries is a pillar of peace and sta­bility in the region.

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