Imran threatens to ‘spill the beans’ if pushed to the wall

PTI chief says he has recorded video, identifying names of all those behind the ‘regime-change conspiracy

 ISLAMABAD   –   Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) Chairman Im­ran Khan made it clear that he knew all the characters behind his government’s ouster and he would not keep silent anymore or re­frain from disclosing everything if he and his party were harassed and pushed to the wall.

Addressing the peo­ple via a live telecast here from his Bani Gala residence on Tuesday, former prime minister Imran Khan said that he has recorded video, which he kept at a se­cret place; wherein he named each and every character and his role behind the conspiracy in toppling the PTI gov­ernment.

In May this year, Khan for the first time claimed that his life was in danger and that he had recorded a video identifying the names of all those who con­spired against him.

Khan disclosed that he was well-aware about the conspirators and abettors and how the plot was executed, but he just wanted to in­form his nation that he kept silent because he did not want to inflict harm to his country.

“If I was pushed to the wall and harassed, I would leave with no option but to spill the beans and speak the truth before the nation.”

Khan said the current “self-centered rulers” would not refrain from recognising Israel and compromising on the blood of Kashmiri peo­ple to make friendship with India for their own vested interests. “This is because they have nothing to do with the ideol­ogy of Pakistan as their sole purpose to rule the country is to mint money,” he add­ed. The PTI chief said that on July 5, the country’s first elected government was de-seated and martial law was imposed, because the US was not happy with the then prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who wanted to pursue an independent for­eign policy in national inter­est. Khan likened his ouster to the fall of Bhutto’s gov­ernment and claimed that he was ousted from the of­fice of prime minister by foreign powers through lo­cal players because he also pursued an independent foreign policy. He lamented that those people were im­posed on the country now that were facing corruption cases of billions of rupees, adding that the PTI gov­ernment was toppled down when everything was mov­ing quite smoothly and the economy was flourishing.

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