Paris of Balochistan

Quetta is the largest city in Balochistan with a dense population. It is a paradise with tranquillized weather and beautiful mountains. The population of Quetta is approximately 2.1 million and the old name of Quetta was Shallkot. The most spoken languages in Quetta city include Balochi, Pashto and Bravi. Quetta is the provincial capital and the most densly populated city. It is the biggest city in Balochistan and is also listed as the top 10th largest city in Pakistan. Specifically, Quetta is surrounded by tremendous mountains.

Additionally, Quetta is famous for its snowfall. Therefore, many outer citizens come to visit here and enjoy it a lot. Apart from this, Quetta is famous for its educational institutions. Here several students come from all corners of Balochistan for getting an education because there are many governmental and private educational institutions. Likewise, Manoj Academy, Aspire Academy, Excellence Academy, Balochistan University and Sardar Bahadur Khan University are the most famous education institutions in Quetta. These educational institutions play a vital role in the educational atmosphere. Apart from this, this city has many shopping malls which are not only famous in Quetta city but also famous in all of Balochistan. Therefore, thousands of people come to Quetta city for shopping and other purposes. Quetta is the main metropolis city in Balochistan since all the governmental institutions are there, like the provincial assembly, High Court, Secretariate etc.

To sum up, Quetta is one of the most famous cities in Balochistan.



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