PHA to install 20 new swings at two parks

MULTAN    –   Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) have decid­ed to install 20 new swings at two parks of the city in order to provide maximum recreational activities to families in the city parks. This was disclosed by Director General PHA Syed Shafqat Raza during his visit of Shah Shams Park here on Thursday.

He said that it was also decided to auction park­ing stands of 14 parks, canteens of 11 parks and 20 swings of two parks of the city in order to pro­vide sense of security to masses and also ensure best food points for masses. He said that after auction of the parking stands and canteen, the self income of the department will increase adding that the self income would also be spent at park for provision of more facilities. He said that ten swings of Shah Shams Park and ten of Jinnah Park would be auctioned. He said that a train service would also be made operational at Shah Shams Park for public recreation.

The PHA announced that the auction of swings would be organized on July 26, auction of canteens and parking stands would be organized on July 25.


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