Coalition govt demands ‘full court’ to hear all key cases

ISLAMABAD – The coalition government yesterday strongly demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to conduct the full court hearing of the case related to the election of the Punjab chief minister.

The ruling allied parties unanimously in their joint declaration said that it will be fair that the full court comprising all judges of the Supreme Court should hear the Supreme Court Bar Association review petition, the present writ and other related petitions clubbed together and issue a verdict on it because these were very important national, political and constitutional matters.

Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Dost Muhammad Mazari the other day had rejected 10 PML-Q votes after party chief Chaudhry Shujaat directed his lawmakers to vote in favour of Hamza Shahbaz, but they decided to support Pervez Elahi.

As a result, Elahi lost the crucial election, and he approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Due to resulting political instability, the nation was paying a heavy price, with the national economy at risk of bankruptcy and the people suffering from inflation, unemployment and poverty, it said. The declaration said that Imran Khan was repeatedly creating chaos in national politics with the aim to avoid accountability and conceal his corruption and gain power through backdoor.

The Constitution had drawn a clear line of separation of powers between the legislature, the judiciary and the administration, which an arrogant figure of anti-constitutional fascism was trying to erase, the government declaration said.

All ruling allies say it will be fair that full court should hear SCBA review petition and other related petitions as these are very important matters

It added that the Imran actually wanted to destroy Pakistan’s constitution, people’s right to rule and democratic system like the economy. This thinking and attitude had become a termite for the state system of Pakistan, the joint declaration said.

“Imran Khan’s attitude and thought are like a ‘termite’ eating away at Pakistan […] but the ruling coalition reiterates its commitment that there will be no compromise on the constitution, democracy and people’s right to rule,” they said.

They added that the coalition parties will move forward on every forum together and they will “fight against the darkness of fascism”.

The ruling coalition parties reiterated their commitment that there will be no compromise on the constitution, democracy and the right of the people to rule, all the coalition parties will move forward together in every forum and every field, and work hard to eradicate “the darkness of fascism”.

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