Imran should quit PTI leadership instead of protesting: Sherry

Minister says PTI orchestrated hoax narrative.

ISLAMABAD    –   Pakistan People’s Party Vice President Sherry Rehman yesterday urged Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan to quit the party’s leadership instead of protesting against the Election Commission of Pakistan’s verdict in the prohibited funding case.

Sherry Rehman – Federal Minister for Climate Change – said Imran Khan was influ­encing the ECP verdict. Speaking to journal­ists here, she said the PTI orchestrated their hoax narrative as they were already aware of the ECP verdict and tried to tarnish public opinion. Sherry Rehm­an also held that the protest call by Imran Khan and PTI leader­ship was aimed at hid­ing their incompetence and make minds of the masses that the PTI had done nothing wrong. The PPP leader said the PTI had lied to their voters, the country and accused its opponents for plundering national wealth, adding, “This is a decisive moment that exposed the judicial system prevailing in the country and justice should prevail.”

She mentioned that foreign funding was be­ing received by many departments but the government of Paki­stan’s only concern was that the PTI had lied to the nation and had hid­den its accounts. She asserted the PTI’s pack of lies could not be jus­tified through any nar­rative or opinion mak­ing and protest, adding, “The PTI had extremely tried to influence ECP for 8 years and changed nine advocates during the case proceedings. The party insisted to hold in camera pro­ceedings to keep the outcome secret.”

The minister under­lined that PTI Chair­man Imran Khan’s declaration in the pro­hibited funding case was also false along with 13 unknown ac­counts that were first not accepted by PTI, and 34 prohibited funding sources that had become exposed. “There is no legal or constitutional reason for the protest call de­clared by the PTI. Its narrative has decayed and disintegrated. PTI is claiming that they are least bothered by the ECP verdict and on the other hand repeat­edly announced to hold protests,” she said

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