‘Terrorist’ killed as bomb explodes prematurely near Jamshoro DC office

HYDERABAD    –    A terror suspect was killed when a bomb went off prematurely near the office of Jamshoro Deputy Commissioner on Thursday, police sources said.

The body of the alleged terrorist, who tried to plant the bomb, was also recovered and sent to a local hospital. Reportedly, the bomber is said to be associated with the Baloch Liberation Army.

The remote-controlled device exploded when the suspected terrorist was planting the bomb adjacent to the office of deputy commissioner of Jamshoro district on Thursday. According to the SITE police, the terrorist was later identified as Al­lah Bux Khokhar, 22.

The police sealed the crime scene after the in­cident and a team of Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) collected evidences. An official of the BDS in­formed that a tin box filled with 300 grams of ex­plosives and attached to a remote controlled de­vice exploded during installation.

He said the BDS also found some marks left by the ball bearings on a tree and a sign board near the place of the explosion. He told that the BDS re­covered a remote, 2 batteries, a NIC and some torn apart currency from the site. The deceased appar­ently sustained fatal injuries in his head, neck and face. Further investigation was underway

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