FIA starts probing PTI foreign funding case

ISLAMABAD    –    The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has started   investigating four employees of PTI, named in the report of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Out of four, three were called by the FIA authorities for preliminary investigation.

According to the sources, Muhammad Rafiq, Tahir Iqbal and Muhammad Arshad recorded their opening statements. Muhammad Arshad, while recording his statement said that he did not know who was sending the funding from where.

Tahir Iqbal informed the FIA investigators that the amount in the accounts was paid as cash or by cheques to the finance manager of the PTI.

The employees include Imran Khan’s personal secretary and the party’s general manager finance It was revealed that foreign funding also continued to flow into the salary accounts of the party employees besides other party’s banks accounts.

PTI employee, Muhammad Rafiq, in his statement said that it is not known where the money was spent and for what purpose. The PTI Finance Department used to take his signed blank cheques.

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