Sindh to partner Chinese firm in bus-making plant: Sharjeel Memon

KARACHI – Having the single largest manufacturing plant in the world, the Chinese bus-making company is considering producing 500 buses annually from its plant it plans to be built in a Sindh city in the next 16 to 20 months.
This was emerged during a meeting between Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon and Yutong Buses China country manager Paul Zhang.
This was the second such meeting between the two sides since the previous month when the Chinese giant actually announced to set up a public transport plant in either Karachi or Hyderabad.
The fresh meeting reviewed the progress on setting up the public transport manufacturing plant in Sindh.
“The meeting was informed that the plant will be set up on 15 to 18 acres of land, which will have the capacity to manufacture 500 buses annually, while the plant will be set up in 16 to 20 months,” said a statement issued after the meeting. “Mr Memon told the Chinese investors that the Sindh government could share partnership in the manufacturing plant through Sindh Bank and Mass Transit Authority. He also suggested Yutong to bring a local partner from the private sector.”

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