Before February elections whenever a TV channel or newspaper presented any surveys concerning popularity of General Pervaiz Musharraf, the government spokesmen like Brig Cheema or Mohammad Ali Durani usually remarked that people who surveyed this actually did not have the correct data. General Musharraf himself said that these foreign-surveyors most come to the cities, meet a few selected people whereas his popularity was in villages whose views were not included in these surveys. A man himself knows where he stands provided he is does not deliberately ignore his predicament or as per the Quran, God has not put "Quffals" on his mind. Today, on April 10, 2008 I just visited website It was created with a great deal of fanfare promising that ordinary people will have direct access with the President. As is usual our professional paid writers wrote columns that it would turn Pakistani into heaven as people's problems will be solved instantly. For a few months if some one approached the President through this site, his press secretary immediately acknowledged. This was merely an automatic acknowledgment. For the last one year even this acknowledgment is not coming. Today just for fun I checked the contents on his Visitors Forum. On the topic of Finance the last someone approached him was on 27 July 2007. On Defence, the last approach was on 5 July 2007, Foreign Affairs on 17 August 2007, Governance on 20 November 2006 and on Social Sector last on 20 November 2006. -ZAFAR, Nowshera,v ia e-mail, April 18.