Education is must for civilization but our government school system does not offer the environment and opportunities needed for it. Ours is a very divisive education system, which has created a huge gap between the haves and have-nots. A dark cloud hovers over Pakistan where illiteracy is on the increase due to government negligence, which spends only 1% of the GDP on education of 160 million people. Instead of having a uniform school system, we have callously created a three-tier system of education. The Cambridge education being imparted exclusively to children of the very rich is the first tier. It prepares them for moving after graduation to greener pastures abroad on foreign exchange resources provided by Pakistan. The secondary school system is the second tier of our education in which private and government schools provide education of passable to low standard to the middle class and the poor. The one for the middle class has English as the medium of instruction while that for the poor is in Urdu. The third tier of our education system is the madressa education that is supposed to provide religious orientation. This is for the dirt poor or orphans. The results of this education are in front of us. Only a few get orientation with the true spirit of the Islamic education. We need our best minds, from educationists to engineers, doctors, scientist, marketers, financiers, lawyers, agriculturists, to pool their energy and wisdom into the task of establishing a single, unified curriculum from grade 1-10. Once the system is in place, the next stage will be to bring the existing government schools in compliance with the new one tier system of education. There has to be one education system for all the children of Pakistan. -MAHA SABIR, Karachi, via e-mail, April 9.