KARACHI - The member companies of the Overseas Investors and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) have spent a huge amount of Rs2.20 billion on social sectors development in Pakistan under the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. A report prepared by the OICCI to gauge the involvement of its members in the CSR activities in Pakistan shows that most of the companies have established CSR departments along with their routine business activities. According to report, out of 176 members, a total of 51 companies participated in this report by providing the OICCI with information as to how the CSR is practiced in their respective organisation. The information provided is catalogued into 8 broad categories - education, health, environment, community development, disaster relief, infrastructure development, water supply and the UN global compact. Given the large unconsolidated social landscape of Pakistan, interventions by the private sector in the form of donations, sponsorships, public-private partnerships and expertise had not been documented in a manner that appropriately reflect their contribution. The CSR report is an attempt to consolidate these initiatives by giving an overview of the good corporate citizenship programmes undertaken by its members. By virtue of being a representative body for a large number of companies, the OICCI is not only able to make a collective demonstration on behalf of all the members, the report is also aimed at facilitating the transfer of best practices from member companies to all corporate entities in the country. The report reflects the commitment that foreign investors have towards overall development of the communities they work in. However, these initiatives are not limited to their area of operations and any companies partner with social sector organisations to expand the geographical scope of improvement in the living conditions of the less privileged members of society. Report said the degree of participation of member companies in each of the categories is gauged via a 'Participation Ratio which is a measure of the number of companies working in a specific category. For instance, 92.2 per cent of these 51 members are working in education sectors development. The contributions by member companies range from providing education facilities in remote areas to introducing training on computer usage where such facilities are not available. Likewise mobile units, equipment donations and free eye camps among others have been launched in areas that have poor health facilities. The vocational training as a means to give these individuals better employment opportunities and likewise infrastructure and road facilities have been consciously improved to give these communities a greater chance to upgrade their lives. In addition to involvement in infrastructure and environmental development, the OICCI members have always been at the forefront to help the nation in times of tragedy. The earthquake of 2005 as well as the recent floods in Balochistan and Sindh received tremendous support in terms of cash and kind by the members. In fact all new structures being built in these regions have been made disaster-proof to avoid similar misfortune in the future. The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the oldest of investment chambers in the country. Its primary function is to foster a conducive, open and equitable business environment in Pakistan while facilitating transfer of best global practices in the country. Diverse both in terms of sector and geography, the 176 companies of the OICCI collectively contribute more than 14 per cent of Pakistans total GNP and 33 per cent of total tax receipts.